The I Heart Cats Band is a Florida based rock and roll quartet known for their fun, raucous and interactive live shows.  We combine our original music with eclectic covers from 1950's rock and roll through current modern, diverse selections.  Spontaneity, humor, audience interaction and great music are hallmarks of a event with the I Heart Cats Band.  The longtime friends and band members are Alex Wald, Jack Peak, Scot Rashleigh, and Scott Zinna.

BaNd members

Alex Wald  - vocals, guitar

Alex has been a local resident for almost all of his life. He began writing songs at an early age, and loves performing with the I Heart Cats Band. 

Scot Rashleigh  -  bass, vocals

Scot is a near life-long Pinellas County resident. He became consumed with music at an early age, captivated by the songwriting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Scot began playing bass and singing in bands as a teen, including collaborating with current bandmate Alex Wald. He resides in Tarpon Springs with his wife, son, and daughter.

Jack Peak  -  guitar, vocals

Born in Tampa, FL, Jack is a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay area. Jack showed an early interest in the drums, but according to his father, his mother couldn’t take the pounding headaches. After his mother disposed of his Bugs Bunny drum kit, he was allowed to have a guitar around the age of 10. Jack learned to play guitar by ear, playing bar chords along to his favorite rock/metal music albums spinning on his dad’s turntable. Jack met Alex Wald at Dunedin High School around 1986/87. Alex quickly became one of Jack’s local guitar heroes. Jack’s only semi-formal guitar lesson was with Alex at age 16, learning the correct way to play some traditional chords.  Jack has played in longtime local bands Mega Smegma, The Rokkerz and Tickle.   Alex actually recorded one of Mega Smegma’s first recordings in 1988/89.   Jack lost touch with Alex for about 20 years, reacquainting during a Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup game in 2015.   Jack joined the I Heart Cats Band soon after, playing with Alex and fellow DHS alum Scot Rashleigh.

Scott Zinna - Drums, vocals

Growing up in Long Island, NY, Scott started taking drum lessons at 9 years old. He practiced on a practice pad to prove to his parents that he was serious about playing and ready for a real drum set. Scott's early influences included John Bonham, Neil Peart, Keith Moon, Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl, and Vinnie Coliauta. He was lucky to have worked with some great instructors that exposed him to many different styles of drumming including rock and jazz. Scott played with various bands in the New York area until he moved to the Tampa Bay area. After moving, Scott took a break from drumming but it was in Tampa that Scott met Jack Peak and joined the I Heart Cats Band.